New alternative

ZenXit is the new alternative to PU-foam. It has unique properties and is very environmentally friendly! Try it and feel the difference.

Unique upholstery material

Our vision is to offer exceptional comfort by introducing ZenXit, a material that makes you feel like you are floating on air and which is environmentally friendly. Learn more about ZenXit - the new upholstery experience.


We develop and distribute ZenXit, a highly breathable material which sets new standards for comfort and hygiene in upholstered products and reduces the global amount of resources used by the upholstery industry.

Utilising the unique properties of ZenXit with our highly professional design services, we help our customers get the full benefit of ZenXit and create innovative and superior products.


ZenXit know-why and know-how

ZenXit is a high performance upholstery material with unique properties, creating new and effective synergy between components, construction, design and usage. Our team of engineers and industrial designers are all expert in the different processing options possible with ZenXit. They know how to create sitting and lying comfort and design concepts and solutions that meet your and your customers’ requirements.

We constantly seek to learn more by working closely with our customers and by carrying out research into supplementary materials and new technologies because we believe comprehensive know-how combined with a high degree of know-why is the key to joint success.

Turnkey solutions

We also provide consulting and design services – in fact you can simply just let us handle the complete design and manufacturing of your next product.

With strong strategic partners and suppliers we are able to deliver turnkey solutions to most industries. Choosing turnkey solutions means we can merge design, production and quality control in the most efficient and effective way, providing you with a quality product. ZenXit A/S is part of Gabriel Holding A/S and our many years of experience in delivering turnkey solutions will benefit your business.

Global distribution

Our production facilities in Europe and Asia supply ZenXit to markets all around the world. Our specially selected turnkey solution partners and our in-house Key Account Managers are also spread across the globe, enabling us to support you and understand your market wherever it may be.


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